The entrance exam

Students are accepted into the school via an entrance exam. This is an essential step in detecting the applicants who have the skills and talents necessary to successfully follow the pedagogical approach of the school. The animation sector demands passion and personal investment. It is not in our philosophy to recruit a great number of students without evaluating them beforehand, only to then leave them by the wayside. A candidate that fails in the entrance exam can sit it again the next year.

2016 Calendar
1st Year entrance exam dates:
6th and 7th of April 2016
3rd Year entrance exam date: 8th of April 2016
Applicants’ presence is required for a day of written tests and an interview.

Preparing for the entrance exam

An entrance exam preparation information pack is available to help you prepare. The open days also enable you to prepare thanks to the drawing workshops organized for the occasion, as well as the opportunity to meet the teaching staff.

Download the preparation information pack (fr)

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the entrance exam work?

It takes place over an entire day at the school.
The applicants sit drawing tests, general culture and an English test.
A 20-minute interview with two members of the teaching staff and a 5th Year student also takes place. Overseas students may sit the exam at a different location.

How should I prepare for the entrance exam?

A preparation information pack is available from January on our website which will help you.

Should I bring my portfolio to the entrance exam?

An entrance exam is something that must be prepared for, and your portfolio is a reflection of this preparation. It must present a selection of your works produced during your studies, or as part of your personal work. It can include drawings, photographs and various other visual works and can be accompanies by digital works on USB flash drive or hard drive support. It must reflect your artistic personality and motivations. It forms the basis for discussion during the interview.

Should I bring drawing materials to the entrance exam?

We provide pencils, erasers and paper.
If you wish, you can bring whatever you feel you require if it makes you more feel more at ease.
But try to avoid overloading yourself with too many drawing materials.
A computer will be available for your use if needed during the interview. You can nonetheless bring your own laptop or a tablet device.

At what stage of the course program can I gain entrance to the school?

Entrance to school is possible in the 1st Year, or in the 3rd Year.
The organization of the entrance exam remains the same, but the level of difficulty is different.

What are the prerequisites for the 1st and 3rd Year?

1st Year applicants must have completed the high school leaving certificate.
3rd Year applicants must have obtained at least two years’ of studies after high school.

Is there a preferred specialization or type of high school leaving certificate?

No. We wish to attract students from diverse approaches and backgrounds. It is through this complementary diversity and difference that our students construct their professional profile. The 3D animation sector is vast, just like the range of skills needed to work in it.

When will I find out if my application has been successful?

The results are released about ten days or so after the exam takes place. There are three different cases: 1/ You have been accepted into MOPA
2/ You have been placed on a waiting list
3/ Your application has not been accepted

How does the waiting list work?

The waiting list has about 15 places, in order of priority depending on your results during the entrance exam. We’ll let you know if a place becomes available.
Example: an applicant might pass the entrance exam, but fail their high school leaving certificate, and cannot be accepted into the school. In this case we contact the next person on the waiting list, in order of their position.

I’m travelling a long way to get here — how should I organize my visit?

Arles is a reasonably-sized town. You can get to the entrance exam from the SNCF train station (by bus, or a 20-minute walk). If you’re coming by car, take the Arles Centre autoroute exit. Several hotels are nearby if you wish to stop over for a night in our beautiful town.
Sandwiches and beverages are available for purchase at lunchtime.

Where does the entrance exam take place?

The entrance exam takes place at: the Palais des congrès de la Chambre de Commerce du Pays d’Arles (Arles Chamber of Commerce Congress Centre), Avenue de la 1ère division Française Libre - 13200 Arles.

How much does it cost to sit the entrance exam?

The entrance exam costs €100 (€130 for a distant session).